sabato 1 ottobre 2016

Third 2016 Term Haul

Buona sera!
Torno per condividere il bottino dei tre mesi appena passati.

Good evening!
I'm back sharing my latest term haul.

Visto? Son stata quasi brava... non ho portato a casa tante cose :D

See? I've been a good girl... I didn't take home too many things :D

Uno dei miei profumi preferiti, La Chasse Aux Papillons de L'Artisan Parfumeur, mi è stato regalato (grazie al cielo, ha un costo un po' impegnativo!).
Poi ho riacquistato tre dei prodotti Urban Decay di cui non posso fare a meno: il mascara Perversion, la base Primer Potion e l'eyeliner waterproof 24/7. Inoltre ho acquistato un paio di matite Pupa all'outlet, una rosa dimenticata in macchina e quella in foto argentata, numero 552.
Finalmente anche in casa IMBC (sì, ilmiobeautycase, ovviamente!) è approdata la base Ready For Takeoff della Unt (ÜNT, per essere precisi), assieme a una coppia di smalti, LV010 Ballet Tutu e SY090 Long Way Home.

One of my favourite perfumes ever, L'Artisan Parfumeur La  Chasse Aux Papillons was given to me as a gift (thank goodness, that's pricey!).
I've bought some Urban Decay goodies too, Perversion mascara, Primer Potion and waterproof eyeliner 24/7. Plus, I've bought a couple of eye pencils in a Pupa outlet but I've forgotten one of them in my car and this one is number 522, a silver eye pencil.
Finally, ÜNT Ready To Takeoff base arrived at IMBC headquarter - LOL -with a couple of lacquers (LV 010 Ballet Tutu and SY090 Long Way Home).

EL CORAZÓN: Noº 423/465 Gemstones: Aquamarine, Large Hologram Noº 423/503 Illusionist, Large Hologram Noº 423/531, Large Hologram Noº 423/534, Thermo Noº 423/803.

DANCE LEGEND: Top Prismatic, Mystery 4 Fushigi, Sparky 3 Constellation, Holodays 848 Blanco, Holodays 850 Different View, Holodays 851 Anthem, Holodays 853 Neptune, Sparky 4 Aviator, Sparky 6 Oblivion, Anna Gorelova 6 Vyunitsa, Anna Gorelova 4 Ukrasa, Anna Gorelova 37 December.

BOW Blue Thermo Top Coat, CIRQUE Madder & La Tropicale, FEMME FATALE Thumbelina, F.U.N LACQUER Blue Tears, SERUM Nº5 Power, A ENGLAND Heathcliff & Wuthering Heights, CELESTIAL COSMETICS Galactic Aura, CUPCAKE POLISH Metamorphosis & Pool It Together, PICTURE POLISH Holo On Top!

COLOUR ALIKE Big Boy Holo Top Coat, 510  & 611 Fly High, COLORS BY LLAROWE A Galaxy Far, Far Away, Jewel Of Denial & Shiny Happy People, GLAM POLISH Gotta Have It! Make It Stop!, LILYPAD LACQUER Bayside, Bring Me To Life, Trendy & Lilac Lovely.

ILNP Bulletproof Symphony, Charmingly Purple, Chocolate Slate, Clever Girl, Cutie Pop, Extra Credit, Funshine Smoothie, Harbour Island, Industrial Park, Interstellar, Mon Amour, Mountain View, My Private Rainbow (X), Peri Me, Princeton, Time In A Bottle, Valerie.

MOYOU LONDON Collector Plate Holder, Traveller Plate Holder, Crystal Clear Stamper & Scraper, Arabesque 01, 02, 04, 08, 09, Enchanted 14, Fashionista 07, Festive 17, 18, 29, 34, Games 02, 05, Holy Shapes 13, Illusion 08, Kaleidoscope 04, 08, Mandala 10, Mother Nature 06 & Steampunk 03 plates.

Insomma, dai, non ho fatto *troppi* acquisti XD
C'è qualcosa che ha catturato particolarmente la vostra attenzione?
Come vi siete comportati con i vostri recenti acquisti?
Fatemi sapere qui sotto!

So, come on, I didn't buy *too many* things XD
Is there anything that have caught your eye?
How much have you shopped lately?
Let me know, below!

Thank you for reading,

12 commenti:

  1. So many lovely polishes and plates <3
    How do you like the plate holders?

    1. I have to say that I really like the collector one (the one in my photo is the second one that I've got at home). The traveller one is cute but perhaps a bit too small... Anyway, I love the fact your eyes were caught by stamping goodies <3

    2. I'm happy to ear it, yours obviously isn't as difficult to use as mine was, it was a nightmare.
      LOL no, you told me in the review that you would get it as a birthday present, so I have been waiting to hear about it ;)

    3. Yeah I remember and then... forgot XD
      The review will arrive, sooner or later, but still... I will write about it :D

  2. Risposte
    1. Thank YOU to be here and for spending some time to comment too <3 <3

  3. Eh niente, io ogni volta mi ostino a guardare i tuoi post haul perché sono masochista

  4. Dopo la terza foto hanno iniziato a sanguinarmi gli occhi, fai te.
    La cosa bella è che ho continuato fino alla fine! XD

  5. Quando hai tempo e modo fammi sapere che ne pensi della base UNT please, io ce l'ho da mesi e non ne sono per niente contenta...

    1. Io mi ci trovo bene, prima o poi farò una recensione :D


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